About My Work

Inspired by history- but not a re-creationist. Color, texture and ridiculously sumptuous fabrics inspire me.  I love natural fabrics and hand worked details.  My work here is is an exploration of the styles and construction of historical clothing with a focus on fancy dress attire and intimates. My gowns are inspired by the Era but not reproductions. I encorporate  anachronistic twists just to keep it interesting. Unlike fashion which is made in a generic format-  Every detail is imagined and executed with the wearer in mind.  These are personal projects.    

About Me 

I am the happiest when I am working with my hands. I find sewing- especially hand sewing or embroidery to be extremely meditative and theraputic. My hands will be busy but my mind is free.   My favorite time period is the late 18th century-The late 19th century is right behind it.  (but the 1920s is quickly taking over)  I love vintage photobooths, collecting antique corsets and estate sales. I live and work in NYC.  

About The photos

The images of the gowns completes my work.   For me- wearing and being photographed in these garments is an intrinsic part of the design process.  As an artist- I need someone who can understand my creative process- often before I do.     For that I am eternally grateful for the work of the very talented photographers who help me bring my vision to life.   Each piece is credited.