1930's Kestos Style wrap Bra and Tap pants


One cannot speak of Hollywood Glamour without thinking of the amazing lingerie worn by starlets and emulated by the masses.  Most notable of the lingerie of the period is how delicate and intricate the pieces are.  Their construction is labor intensive yet appears effortless. It is the perfection of fit and the nuances of the hand work in delicate balance.   No detail is overlooked- the garments are finished as beautifully inside as they look outside.  I have longed for the luxury that can only be found in these pieces and thus decided to study their creation.  In time it is my hope to create an entire wearable trousseau for myself.  


This Lingerie set is entirely constructed by hand.  I referenced both books and extant garments to learn how to properly apply the lace. The tap pants and bra are both sewn with very tiny french seams (under 3mm).   The bra wraps round the back as  in the original kestos however unlike the original I chose a cup shape that meets rather than overlaps in the center .  The lace is original 1930's yardage that was part of my collection.  Buttons are original glazed ceramic buttons; buttonholes are hand bound.  All tapes and tubing is made by hand.  Finally- it is not vintage lingerie without a proper monogram and so I hand embroidered my initials on the shorts in a deco style font.  The embroidery is done in satin stitch with silk thread.


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Photos by Phillip VanNostrand