1920's Chartreuse step in with antique lace


The 20s marks the start of lingerie as we now know it.  The pieces from this time are simultaneously delicately constructed and sexy.   Unlike their predecessors which used tons of fabric- 20s pieces are skimpy and short.  Boxy in fit- they hide yet reveal.  Their construction is labor intensive yet appears effortless.  I have longed for the luxury that can only be found in these pieces and thus decided to study their creation.  In time it is my hope to create an entire wearable trousseau for myself.  


This lingerie set is entirely constructed by hand.  I referenced books and extant garments to learn how to properly apply the lace. The pattern is my own but quite a simple one as was often seen in the flowing draped styles from the 20's.  French seaming throughout. The antique Victorian Chantilly lace in center front was an irregular salvage piece that I re-purposed for this. The lace applied on the thighs has a more modern placement than would have been seen in a pure 20's style.  The ribbon work rosette is handmade with silk ribbon that I dyed.  A monogram is embroidered in silk thread.  The monogram itself came from an antique stencil template in my collection.  The straps are made of silk ribbon which is why they look so fine and soft. The step in closes with small black buttons; button holes are hand done.   As an aside- If you are looking for a book to help you with creating lingerie- I highly recommend The women's institute series from the 20's/30's .  Original and reprint copies are available online. 


The bed cap is made with remnant lace from the project.  The silk fishnets I am wearing are originals from the period. {The 1920's marked the rise of fishnet stockings} 


Photos by Phillip VanNostrand